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Dear Legislative District 17 Voters,

My name is Steve Weichert. I'm the Democratic candidate for the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 17 (serving the greater part of Chandler, western Gilbert, and Sun Lakes).

As a concerned citizen and father of two school-aged daughters, it has become painfully clear to me that our state legislature is out of step with the people it supposedly serves. Rather than honestly representing the hard-working citizens of Arizona that elect them, many of our legislators have become far more consumed with serving the wants and needs of powerful special interests.

Simply put, this needs to stop. We deserve better.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have become so faithful to party, they’ve become blind to working together for the good of their constituents. We need more bipartisanship - in the State Capitol and in Washington - if we’re going to solve the very real challenges we face. And I’m committed to working with Republicans, Democrats and independents to find common sense solutions.

With the ever-increasing noise and rhetoric from those that seek your vote, it's very easy to turn away from the political process - I totally get it. This said, I'm asking you now to see past the static and join me as I fight to represent YOUR priorities and values at the State Capitol. I look forward to serving you as your next State Senator.





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