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Gun Violence

On March 24, hundreds of thousands of Americans – Democrats, Republicans, Independents and others – came together to draw attention to the scourge of gun violence in our country. I was proud to join my running mate Jennifer Pawlik at the March for Our Lives event in downtown Phoenix.

Led by smart, principled young people, the debate about guns and public safety – especially in our schools – has been amplified. Now is the time for all Americans to have a respectful discussion about this life and death issue, and to reach a common sense compromise that enables our kids to learn in a safe environment, and for all of us to live in safe communities.

Here’s my position:

  • I do not want to abolish the Second Amendment and my goal is not to take guns away from law-abiding, well-trained citizens who use them for hunting, recreation or protecting their families.
  • I support new conditions for who may own high-capacity, semi-automatic assault rifles. Their use should be strictly limited to highly trained, specially licensed and vetted gun owners, and used only on private land or accredited gun ranges.  
  • I am steadfast in my belief that we need robust, universal background checks to keep these weapons out of the hands of people with a history of violence and/or mental illness.
  • We must close any loophole that weakens the effectiveness of these background checks – including those related to gun shows and private sales (Gov. Ducey eliminated the latter in 2017).
  • I believe that teachers must focus on educating our next generation of leaders, not guarding their classrooms with deadly force. We can find other, common sense solutions to improve security in our schools.

Instead of playing the political game of pitting gun owners against gun safety advocates, let’s find ways to do what’s right in order to protect our children and our communities.

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