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Dark Money

In the last election, I ran as a Clean Elections candidate. That means my campaign was funded entirely by $5 donations from registered voters living in Legislative District 17. (It also meant that Jennifer Pawlik and I participated in a debate that was ignored by our opponents!)

The Clean Elections process is a good one because it reduces the influence of special interests. It forces elected representatives to remain beholden to the people—not special interest groups. And it enables us to spend less time raising money and more time listening to the people about issues that matter to them.

I am not running as a Clean Elections candidate this time around. And that’s unfortunate. But the reality is, I’m likely to be running against a candidate who has served the interests of big businesses his entire political career. JD Mesnard has promoted bills that made it more difficult for citizen initiatives to qualify for the ballot. And he has worked tirelessly to protect ‘dark money’ groups from disclosing their donors.

While I will be running a more conventional campaign in terms of fund raising, I am committed to putting you, the people, first—not corporations or special interests. 

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