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I firmly believe that the influence of money and special interests have corrupted our political process. In order to help restore citizen participation and confidence in our political system, I have opted to forgo special interest money by participating in the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections program. In order to qualify for Clean Elections funding for my campaign expenses, I must collect $5 contributions from 300 unique voters within my district. (Please see map below to determine if you reside within Legislative District 17.)

Voters can contribute $5 donations in several ways:

1)  Donate online by going to the Arizona Secretary of State E-Qual Page.

2)  Contact me directly here and let me know that you would like to make a $5 contribution. I'm more than happy to pick up your contribution in person!

3) Send a $5 Contribution check to:

Weichert for AZ Senate
3524 S. Hudson Place
Chandler, AZ 85286

Please note: Contributions to Weichert for AZ Senate are not tax deductible. Individuals may contribute up to a maximum of $5 and must reside within Legislative District 17 (see map below). Contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs), businesses, corporations, political parties and labor unions are prohibited.



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